Eractic Postings

I doubt I'll be posting here very regularly. Life has become too complicated for me to maintain the past schedule. I still will on occassion, but believe me it will only be that.


A great day to be outside

Spring is nearly over. Take a stroll this weekend even if the heat makes you want to shed your clothing, you may be surprised at the beauty surrounding you. You also might come across some of nature's raw beauty joining you on your stroll, be sure to take fotos.


June beauties

Just a dozen or so fotos of men that show true beauty. Enjoy!


Tea Party?

I was recently reading an article where a woman journalist was objecting to President Obama making reference to the group as "teabaggers". So, if they didn't want everyone to know that they were secret balls suckers, why didn't they choose a different name? Not to get political, but everyone of them deserves the connotation. But for those of you into the joy of a beautiful man, enjoy your teabagging!

Perhaps you want more than just a set of balls? Try the whole dick or perhaps a foot. I just remembered, I've had the first one. It was a good time, I just wish he was a little more versatile.