A different theme tonight. I thought I'd stray away from anatomy to color, while my favorite contrast to human skin is red I find yellow to be a close second. It can be like the first picture, around some one's head in a thin line or like the second completely enclosing or framing his body.
The shade of yellow against skin matters only in how much contrast or lack of contrast there is. Even when the cloth barely emphasizes the butt you have a sensual appeal that is unmistakable.

These framings of man's best asset (catch the pun) are distinctive in their individuality. The first resembles the way I looked last night, except I was a bit pinker than tan, sunbathing in a jockstrap left my buns glowing.

I wish he had been one of the hundreds of men I was with the last few days. Not that I'd wish the common factor of AIDs on anyone new, it was just not the prettiest sight in the world. Although there were a few Hispanic boys that resembled him. I guess it's time to go off on a another rant. Please protect yourselves, the world deserves your beauty and it's much easier to remain tight, firm and youthful without the "bug". A number of the men I spoke with over the weekend insisted they would only date other sero-positive men, reasons ranged from freedom, free, preserving our youth, etc. Myself I've been FWB with a negative man for twelve years so I know the fear and I would probably not date another neg, life would be simpler even if we carried different strains. But go where your heart leads.

You've seen Dillon before. Some of his fotos have been with him pissing or taking a golden shower. This foto of him with a yellow suit is only disappointing in that he is not dripping piss.

Although he is beautiful in his yellow underwear I thought I should add a foto of Landon enjoying piss games. It never hurts to look back and see the true flavor of a man.

These two fotos are very much alike. The poses are identical, the skin coloration and apparel different.

Get a load of the thickness he is hiding.

My daily foto of Frank Fanucchi. After the last few night I am more determined to have you standing over me pissing, Frank. E-mail me in care of the blog or meet me in Palm Springs.

A couple more art shots to finish off the night. Take care and enjoy life.

Good enough to turn a confirmed steak eater into a seafood fan.

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