Starry Eyed

The fireworks may be over, yet these boys and men are enough to light the fire over again. Look in their eyes and you may fall in to a trance. That is the fault that lies with beauty, it does not release the beholder.

Hauntingly beautiful.



How could anyone have left him alone?

Strength and beauty mixed.

Alluring, little siren.

Just a hint of mischief.
One day will be handsome.
Young blue eyes.
Penetrating stare.

Some guys can do anything and maintain their beauty.
So fucking kissable.

A few different looks for Frank Fanucchi.
All of them are seductive.



Not to be hidden.

Eyes to stop you.

Making love to the camera.

Probably the worst foto I've seen of Frank, no the one with his head cocked completely to the side is.

Not only the light makes their inner beauty shine.