Abs and slabs


Tonight we are going to continue the exploration of men's bodies. We have explored faces, pecs, armpits and backs. Now we are to slide down a little way and take a look at the side and center of their bodies. The abs
and slabs are a couple of the most defining aspects of men. Unfortunately too many men over do the work the do on their abs and instead of a smooth surface to dispel water.

Just for nostalgic purposes I thought I'd run this picture of Michael Phelps you may not see his abs or slabs, but you can see his dick.

I posted this the other day to show a great example of an armpit, now look a little lower and look at the slab ( the muscle and skin on the man's side).

Another nice slab of man.

And another. Thought I'd drop a foto of Zach Randall drinking his own piss as a nice example of wet abs.
This old photo was at the beginning of the days when definition became popular. Photographers began the trend to glorifying six packs. An abomination that has become too popular.
This man's abs neither fold in on themselves or paunch out, a perfect look for the position.

He couldn't be much better looking.

I know nothing about this foto except that I'm happy he didn't have any more success working on his abs.
A slight bump in his abs but still very nice.

Move the helmet. What are you hiding another helmet?Abs. They are just about too much, but I'd still do him. And do him? Again. This young man has it all, great pits, a perfect nose, a good looking butt and abs that keep him from looking anorexic. And an interesting dick.

What a slab of healthy looking man.

Where to let your eyes go first or linger. Even with your eyes closed you could appreciate this man.

Oiled and ready to slide home.

What an intriguing pose. What would you do if you found him laying around your house?

Play ball? Hell no, lets play with balls instead. Or nipples or pits or whatever is your desire.His abs may be too cut, but given the side view I do like the slab of muscle we see.

A hint about tomorrow.

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