Continuing the exploration

All earlier disclaimers are still in force. I truly don't want to infringe on the photographer's or model's rights.

Backs exploring their strength and beauty. where they start and where they go.

Broad backs and strong backs seem to plead for your hands to knead them. Or is it your mouth and tongue they plead for.

Abruptly stopped by the strap of a jock the strength of a back is even more apparent.

A jock strap may decorate a back, but a tattoo centered high on the back gives an illusion of breadth that nothing else can. A working back is nothing like a gym back.

Frank Fanucchi

A sheen of sweat or water glistens on the back like it does nowhere else. Water magnifies the purity of form and power.

This is especially apparent when the back is under tension or decorated. Here it seems to be both.

In stark contrast, these young men seems to have almost no muscle to give their backs definition. Still there is something that makes them striking.
Here just one small defining mark helps to display everything they want.

A small difference, here there is no head to show the contrast in size, but the spread cheeks give away the fact he is powerful.

These guys seem to be wantonly displaying their backs and butts, but somehow it doesn't seem gross or lewd.

An example of native American man, one that is seldom found in art photography. I know, I look. There is a smoothness that you don't find elsewhere.

One last shot for tonight. A truly strong back that is masked by darkness but accentuated by the lighting.
I have forgotten to give the hint for tomorrow, but this foto may give it away. Obviously we are going down.

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