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It was late when I posted last night, I was tired from travelling all day. Obviously my mind or fingers were not doing all that I wanted. consequently I intend to finish yesterday's post now. First off, two fotos that belonged with what you saw then.

After sploshing.

Being a bit of a nudist I tend to believe the best images of man are glimpses we see of an unadorned body. So I find looking at pictures of men and women sploshing rather odd. But I can begin to understand the idea of the feeling texture gives when in connection with another person. Do I think it is beauty? Manga!

o? I'm opinionated. I don't normally believe that a man's butt needs any adornment to be beautiful or enticing. Why would the men caught here need to add any adornment? I've been asking myself that since I saw the first foto of a tattooed butt some time ago. I mulled a lot of ideas over, insecurity,etc. Finally I came to the conclusion that they wanted to draw attention to their natural beauty but were unsure of how they could do so.

The swirls above and below accentuate the muscles nicely, giving an impression of raw power that it's possible their naked butts don't.

This oriental man below uses most of his body as a canvas, but I found the butt work to be intriguing.

The next few men have gone to the extreme in expressing their desire to draw others to notice their butt holes. Gents the freedom of expression is remarkable, butt you don't need to go so far. I am already attracted.

I guess you might call this a hot piece.

Who does this kind of work?

Looks temporary, henna?
I hope he got thanked for inviting someone over.

Yes, come Spring a man's thoughts turn to fucking not to romance.

Takeonefor you country. This young man shows his patriotic colors, he should have a few recruits lining up to take advantage of the offer.

This foto must have been trying to win. I'll give him 1st and 2nd. Somewhere I do have a man in bronze for third place. Another day another place.

I would have gladly done the hand painting on this man, but I wouldn't have stopped before he was fully and neatly coated.

I may take tomorrow off. If I don't, I will probably be giving you another look at butts. But from another angle with a different appeal. A hint.

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