I'm stepping back and continuing the study of men in color. As I said a few days ago I love what red does to a man's skin, the glow, the tinge of pink, the virility and masculinity. Tonight I won't say much, you can see it all for yourself,
Big red box.
A study of men laying around looking sexy.

Don't forget to look up.
Or down.

Guys standing around. Red bottoms and all.

An Asian view of red butts.

Just a touch of red to accent the main course.

Two Asians.

A jock.

And a real hottie.

I gave you a picture of Frank in red the other day, but thought you might like another. I can never get enough.

This is supposed to be Prince William, I don't know if it really is, but if so? Who cares?

This must be one of his loyal subjects.

I love the artistry of Japanese bondage. Not around me, but for viewing.

What is there to say? Wait right there, I won't be long.

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