White Enough

FWB didn't show up today like he was promised. What am I going to do with him? Dress him up in white and sacrifice him? Wouldn't have anything on these guys, although he did show up last week in a white shirt and looked like I should add him to this page. He's still resisting my overtures to introduce him to the world. Not in the mood to say much, so let's go.
I don't understand what's happening in this foto, but I feel a wantonness in the innocence. Is he stripping for an unseen lover?

Great contrast.

Have you got milk? Well, don't cry over his.

That's the benefit or problem of wearing white, you can show everything.

Nice eggs.
Too small for the man.

They may be RIP's, mine look alot like them.
Really nice looking guy, good butt and smile.
Russian boy from Lil Boys Room.


Would look better on a dark background, but he is beautiful.

May be one of those phony celeb fotos.

Want to lift his Calvins?
Water or piss? I don't know.
Wet white is nearly transparent.

Or completely.

Show it all.

Frank in white. Wet and stretched.
Hard to look at.
Big briefs.


No innocence left in that white outfit.