For the last few hours I've been slowly starting to boil, why should I tolerate a BFF that fails to follow through on his promises? Over the years it has been a source of constant friction between us. He doesn't seem to understand that it bothers me and disarms anger by failing to respond in a comprehensible manner. Deep within I know that one day this is going to be the wedge that drives us apart forever. It won't be his philandering, his thieving, his lieing or his egoism, it will be his total lack of responsibility. Sex and love would be bad enough, but the promise of other matters puts the icing on the shit pile. Shopping, dinner dates, vet's visits, , etc.. Perhaps I am working myself up over nothing, at least that is how he would think about it if he ever did.
None of you can solve this problem unless you would like to take his place standing over me.