Missing days

Tonight might be the last regular edition of my postings until after congress has approved the Ryan White Reauthorization. I am keeping too busy with organizing, calling, coordinating and other activities that I feel are more necessary than writing anything about the fotos that I appreciate. Beautiful men and boys are a wonderful hobby but the live saving potential of the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act Extension Act are vast. There are over 500,000 US citizens that are are affected by the passage of the act and over 1,100,000 US citizens that are believed infected with HIV, How can anyone sit by idly and hope that congress and the senate will do what is right? Neither house of the legislature has been known as doing what is right above what is expedient. Positive or negative it is time that all good men step forward and pressure their representatives to show that they are more concerned with bailing out individuals than with helping big business. The less than three thousand dollars per person we spend assisting our HIV/AIDS brethren each year is a minimal amount compared to what would need to be spent by the public hospital system if we can not have assistance getting our medications. My concern is more for the health and well being of my fellow man than it is for the cost savings, but both sides of the equation speak to our need to do what is right. You have a bare two weeks to pressure your representatives to vote for us. Do what you can, write, call, visit or demonstrate; your brothers and sisters depend on you!
Just a quick note about the fotos I've decided to feature tonight. I would happily come home to any of them.
I hope I could keep you smiling.

Jesse, I'd leave you lay around to your heart's content.

I might even battle your so called heterosexuality, Ian.
And your shyness, Jeremy.

Probably, couldn't tolerate you going off to shoot porn, Frank.

Edilson, I wouldn't want to share you with the world, but I would if necessary.

We could make happy music together.

I'de be laying at your feet waiting.

I'm waiting for the day we meet.
I'll be back to posting when I am not so busy. Come back after the first of the month.