Yesterday I ended with a variation on the old theme of a still life. I hope you all realized that a hint meant that the idea was not the main focus of the foto. That's right we're going to begin an exploration of balls, I expect to continue tomorrow. One thing about exploring balls, it's almost impossible to show a pair without showing a cock. So be it! Still we'll explore them separately, I can't take both at one time anyway.
Don't think he misplaced his do you? Sure seems like he is looking for his balls.

Gee, see what I found. There's a hard dick with them. I should give it a treat for helping me find my balls.

Well, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. Still those balls haven't made their way to my nose, I want to smell them.

I can do this, too. It feels SOOO good in SOOO many ways, quenching the thirst and filling me up at the same time. Yes I'm saving water and calories.

This one's for you, bud!

Newly shaved and polished. I'm sure he needs a smoothness test, who's ready?

A gratuitous Uniform foto, the balls need more than a salute. I'd give them a gargle.

One of the best ways to view balls that aren't hanging in front of your eyes. They're already framed and on display. Yum! Yum!

Would have been a better foto without the dick, hold it up out of the way. But let those balls dangle, you never know your admirer might give you a lick or a hundred between those tight cheeks..

This is the way, boys. You will find a devotee of nuts hungry enough to chomp down on you.

These hang low, great for sucking deep into your mouth.

A favorite part of my posting. The male body against a black background. An appetizing display of man fruit.

He should have appeared the other day under the exploration of armpits, but I'll take him any day.

Wonder why the ball peeking out on the left is Sooo red.

More pits, dicks and balls in the black edge style, I could have gotten carried away. Oh well.

I wish I'd been invited to go Eater egg hunting. Do you think they rolled them on the White House lawn? No? It still looks like a fun time. I hope they did dozens.

This looks too painful for me. Even love nips hurt.

CBT. The following fotos aren't for the squeamish. How can anyone keep an erection under these circumstances? Masochists? Definitely.
I enjoy seeing balls that are stretched down below the cock when sitting at rest but I couldn't stand it myself.

He should be in shape if his balls are able to lift weights. Ouch!
More than just one OUCH! This is hard to even look at, let alone imagine having done to your cock and balls. Doesn't that look like the rack off the grill? He won't get cooked, the only way to eat them is raw.

I promise you this is painful. Once had a boyfriend into experimenting... Let's just say we didn't go here a second time. Look close at the right ball, the capillaries are starting to burst.

I promise you more to chew on tomorrow, for now suck on these.

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