Up Close and Personal

Thought I would give another try at giving you a good look at the center of our being, trying to show the beauty that others miss or call by less flattering terms. Penis. Cock. Dick Pinga. Etc.

Even though I'm concentrating on our cocks, I won't skip those orbs of creation. How could one be separated from the other without violence?

We come in all shapes and sizes to please all tastes.

Although we're up close I could wish that I was closer.

While most of us think of cock and sex in one idea there is the natural body function to consider or revel in if you so wish.

The balls really don't seem to match the dick.

This looks good enough to do any thing with that you mind can imagine or your body need.

To the left, Frank. Doesn't look like seven inches in that foto.

Uncut, thin and shaved. Who is next in line?

An angry looking soft cock, unusual.

Asian, pencil dick.

Hispanic monster.

Double your pleasure double your fun, with double dick, double dick .......

A great up close view. I'm getting hungrier by the minute.

Let me at it.

Perfect for jumping on your back.


Just hanging there waiting.

Everything on display. Could you resist?

Too big to look real.

Yum, Yum, cum.

Almost a mushroom head.

Would fit anywhere.

Nice. A natural arc. Not too long, but it is still soft.

Thirst quenching.

This would quench any hunger or thirst.

I debated whether I should make any comment about this dick or even include it tonight's blog. When I first saw the foto I thought someone had been rummaging through my personal fotos. But, it's not me. He could be an unknown relative or a clone?

I always try to give you a foto of Frank Fanucchi, this may not be his best but it is supposedly the first professional mouthful of piss. Which leads me to ask. Frank now that you have been introduced to piss play are you ready to meet me and try it from the top?

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