I'm Baaack!

Well, I'm back from my visit to the family. It could have been worse, but I didn't do much except spend too much money gambling. It had been a few years since I'd seen my mother and siblings. There weren't any major arguments or fights, but the tension was thick enough to need a machete to clear away. For a week I was nowhere near a computer, or pictures of naked men. The withdrawal was as painful as if it had been time without dope or alcohol. I did have time to think about what I was doing writing a blog that was mostly fotos taken from other blogs. I intend to change my format, less fotos more chat.
One of the best parts about being away is that I got a break from dealing with my fellow AIDS survivors. I know my efforts are necessary to others' continued survival and their quality of life. Yet, there are days when I wish the burden was shifted to someone else. I say that then I add to the burden I carry by allowing myself to be drawn into the fight to prevent the spread of HIV. I must be partially masochistic, allowing myself to be used that way. There is something in the family genes that puts us out there volunteering to help others. A brother and siter both volunteer to help disadvantaged individuals. Where the gene came from is in question, neither of our parents is that way, nor were our grandparents. Just like a quote I saw in answer to a recent question about AIDS, I blame Kennedy.
Ask not what your country will do for you, but
what you can do for your country.
What changes are in store. I am going to see if I enjoy giving you one foto of a mixture of looks, pits, pecs, piss, balls, interesting dicks and Frank. I will probably break the pattern from time to time and post some thematic fotos, whether they be by color, strangeness, self-service, questionable activities or b&w. I don't want to be required or expected to follow too many rules as I engage in giving you my thoughts.

This reminds me of myself at the Hot and Wet weekend. I'm glad that EZ enjoyed having his hole washed with a hot load of piss. I will remember you, guy. Give me a note.

Frank, some of your fotos are very enticing, like this one. Others are not at all interesting or erotic. I hope your eye gets better as you start to mature, don't let the really bad fotos out on the net. They denigrate your name and image.

After some illegal substance I would roll on my stomach and beg for this.

Lick. Lick.