Just laying around

It's been a busy day, I haven't had the time to think about sex all day. Disgusting! I finally sat down at the computer about half an hour ago, e-mails were backed up mostly junk and notes I didn't really care about. There was one from my sister that I was really glad to see and another from a friend that I'd hoped to take a drive with that disappointed me. All in all it's been a roller-coaster day.
Right now I wish I was laying a round with any of the guys I have to share with you. I don't know that I'd be the best company for any of them, but I'd try. With some of them I'd try harder than others, Frank wouldn't you like to find out?
Or you, Jeremy?

Pits. Nice sweaty pits.
Pecs. Nice pecs and body even if the dick is lacking a little.

Piss. Ammonia burns, not heat either.
Frank. A younger, more relaxed Frank.

Dick. I don't think that is his name, but he's showing a great one.

Balls. Let me suck them until I fall asleep.

Butt. I hope the hole is as hairless as the parts.

A gallery that just lays it out there for you.
In multiples.

Young, blond and horny.

Jakob. I can never get my piss go that far.
Another cute, young blond.

I love this foto, you will probably see this again and again. Right now I have it on my computer as the screen saver, just lovely from the eyes to the calfs.

Jeremy Tang. So hot He would probably set the sheets on fire.

Pits, pecs, dick and balls, what more could I ask?

Butt. Black on white, a dream for many, history for me.

I need to find out this boy's name. He is a real doll.