The last word for the week

A lonely lazy Saturday. Of all the things I could have been doing reading sounds the least appealing, but somehow that is how I spent most of the day. I wasn't even reading porn, good old sci-fantasy. Now, the time has come to redirect my mind into the gutter; not really. I'm hoping to stay on the high road tonight looking at beautiful men and boys. Besides, how bad could naked bodies be?
Pits. Yeah, I'd lick them dry after I sucked his balls.

Pecs. Butt. Could have been a foto used for so many things.

Piss. I nice Hispanic guy getting a golden shower.

Frank. Pits. A delicious appetizer set out for the horny.

Edilson Nacimento. Another of those fotos that could be used for so many things, pits, abs, cock, balls, etc.

Balls. Glorious balls.

Not perfect, but nice.
I thought I'd give you a glimpse of something other than hot men. These are just a few of the interesting, funny or cute signs, banners or pictures I've come across. Most of them have appeared in numerous places before, so have a quick chuckle and move on. But when you come to the end take it to heart.